17 April 2010

Home Again

Mom had her second surgery yesterday. It was in-patient procedure so no staying over the in hospital again. We're still trying to figure out if that's a good thing or a bad thing. She went to the hospital at noon yesterday and her surgery was scheduled to start at 2. It was a little before 3 when Dad emailed me that the plastic surgeon was not finished with his previous surgery yet and they were still waiting. He also mentioned that Mom was on 10 mg of Valium and "lovin' it." When I talked to Mom yesterday around ten she said that her biggest hope was that she didn't remember anything. She just wanted to go in and wake up with the new girls. So I'm pretty sure the Valium helped this.

The next thing I know, Dad texted around 6 and said that Mom was in recovery and that they were anticipating a couple of hours for recovery. They came home a little before 10 last night. Mom was obviously in pain but moved a little better than I remember the first surgery go-round. She said that her mouth was very dry from the surgery and even the ice chips didn't seem to quench her thirst. She was also very cold from all the anesthesia wearing off. The shivering made her tense up and hurt. She said that she didn't expect it to hurt this bad this time. Frowny face. She also said that her chest wall and around the area were very tight. She tried to get comfortable but it seemed hard. After taking some medicine and trying to relax she seem to settle in. I was in there talking to Mom and Dad and then Daniel came in. It was so nice just sitting in there and talking with them. I think family being around when you're in pain just calms you down.

When I woke up this morning I came down stairs to find Dad. I asked how Mom did and his simple reply was, "Pretty good." HURRAY! About 25 minutes later Mom came down stairs. I asked her how she think she did last night. She said, "the drugs helped." Double victory. She's finishing up breky right now and I imagine will take it easy for a good while.

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Jo Ann B. Pennock said...

Sally walked downstairs this morning!!! Yea!! Let's hope this recovery won't have the complications of last time, also. Still praying all will go well--thanks, Catherine, for the update. Give your mom a gentle hug for me.
Jo Ann

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