07 October 2010

Crossing the Finish Line

On Saturday, October 2nd, our family participated in the Susan G. Komen 5K race/walk.  It was a remarkable experience for all of us to be among 14,000 other participants.  I have to admit, the walk was pretty hard on me, and my hips were killing me during the last mile of the race and for 2 days after.  But, it was worth it.

We had our photo taken as we crossed the finish line by a photographer for the Charlotte Observer.  I don't know if the photo was actually in the paper, but it is on the .com version of the paper.  As we crossed the finish line, they announced on the PA, "Crossing the finish line is survivor Sally Plautz!"  There was a chip in this little plastic disk that they told me to tie to my shoe.  I had no idea what that little plastic thing was for.  They announced the name of every survivor that finished the race.

Christian, Me, Douglas and Catherine


Sue said...

You are awesome Sally! Congratulations on finishing strong!

Lisa said...

What a great ending (for everything)!

Catherine said...

Hurray! We found the picture! We look great, if I do say so myself. I am so proud of you!!

melissa said...

YAY! This picture made me tear up. Love to you and your family.

Brenda said...

What an amazing moment that must have been for you! You're so wonderful.

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