06 February 2010

She's home

Last night around 8 o'clock mom and dad came home. Mom is in a lot of pain but did so well walking from the car to the house and up the stairs to her bedroom. She is being so brave and already showing that she's gonna give it her best. For some strange reason she started having some sort of allergic reaction and became very uncomfortable last night. We called the pharmacy and made sure it was okay for her to take some Benadryl along with her other meds. This morning dad said that she did okay last night sleeping. He even got some sleep too! She is still okay with short visits for those of you who would like to stop by. But you'll have to forgive her because she can't come to the door to greet you. Prayers on her behalf for comfort, sleep, and a speedy recovery are definitely being felt. Keep them coming!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all the updates. I have been thinking about and praying for her. Please give her a hug from me since I can't come visit!
Janine Taylor

Jo Ann B. Pennock said...

Thanks so much for the updates, Catherine!! I called earlier today but you were on the phone--probably giving more updates. My guess is your house is like Grand Central Station if not General Hospital. I decided to maybe try to call tomorrow. Will definitely keep Sally in my prayers that she will have managed pain, sleep, and good healing.

Anonymous said...

Im glad to read the updates. we will keep you in our prayers.....Hope you get the rest you need and recover quickly....Your old friend
Bette Hummel

Anonymous said...

Sent this to JoAnne...but going to send it here also. **you are in my thoughts and prayers for continued strength...speedy recovery**

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